work at hcs

Current job openings include a part-time preschool teacher and support staff.

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Volunteer On Campus

If you would like to help us on campus, 

please email or call 310-835-5665.

We're in need of volunteers to help with:

  • Cleaning preschool toys in the classrooms (washing and drying)
  • Cleaning/washing tables both inside and outside of the classrooms
  • Cleaning and dusting shelves in the classrooms
  • Cleaning and wiping down desks and chairs
  • Window washing
  • Washing and cleaning playground equipment for the Preschool
  • Organizing Preschool storage bin and/or rooms
  • Wiping down all door handles and railings
  • Sweeping leaves, trash, etc. on school grounds
  • Cleaning and washing preschool bikes

In order to comply with COVD-19 protocols, face masks are required at all times on campus, and other social distancing guidelines will be followed.