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Welcome from Mrs. Argueta & Mrs. Mura!

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  • Two-year olds are active and enthusiastic learners, busily exploring and expanding the skills and knowledge acquired since birth. They learn best by playing and getting their hands dirty. Our days are filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery designed to help each child reach their greatest potential in all areas including: 

    • Language & Literacy
    • Math Concepts
    • Science Concepts
    • Creative Expression
    • Self & Community Awareness

  • Three and four year olds are active and enthusiastic learners, constantly asking questions and building upon the skills and knowledge acquired during previous experiences. They learn best by both playing and working at their seats. Each day is filled with a variety of activities that encourage our students to investigate, explore, and discover the world around them. The goal of our staff is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas including: 

    • Language & Literacy
    • Math Concepts
    • Science Concepts
    • Creative Expression
    • Self & Community Awareness

  • Pre-K children are physically and cognitively able to take on more academic challenges while still engaging in important social activities like building friendships and developing a strong sense of self. The students spend the year advancing skills in the core pre-academic areas of language, literacy, math, and science. Many hours are also spent working on the development of creative expression, self and community awareness and both large and small motor skills. 

    Through a mix of play and seat work, pre-k students are exposed to a variety of learning activities that encourage rapid development in these areas. They are becoming creative thinkers, problem solvers, respectful collaborators, curious investigators, and smart decision makers. Pre-K definitely prepares each student for the next step – whether it is Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten! The goal of our staff is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas including: 

    • Language & Literacy
    • Math Concepts
    • Science Concepts
    • Creative Expression
    • Self & Community Awareness

  • A note from Miss Gatdula...

    A Little About Me:

    • I've been teaching for 4 years 
    • 1st year teaching at Harbor Christian Schools
    • HCS (PHCS) alumna 
    • Favorite thing about teaching is helping students discover their own reflection of Christ

    What Makes Kindergarten Special:

    • Learn more about their place in the world 
    • Practice social and emotional skills through guided interaction 
    • Develop learning using different modes

  • A note from Mrs. Donaldson...

    Here's a little bit about me... I have worked at HCS for about 16 years. During this time, I have served in our preschool, physical education program, and as a member of the elementary teaching staff as the 1st/2nd grade teacher. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and working towards my Master's in Education.

    A few years ago the Lord put it on my heart to start a praise dance ministry here at HCS. The purpose of this ministry is to promote creative expression through the art of expressive dance: with the usage of flags, ribbons, banners, sign language, and mime, providing an alternative language for the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Dance is a way that I communicate with God. I am so blessed and excited to share this love with every dancer that comes my way. 

    Each of these opportunities have been such a great learning experience, and I believe has grown and prepared me for this next chapter as your child's 1st/2nd grade teacher.

  • A note from Mrs. Risper...

    A Little About Me:

    • I graduated from UC Irvine as a double major in Sociology and Education Sciences.
    • I LOVE coffee, but definitely not as much as I LOVE JESUS!
    • You will always find a book either in my purse or my car because reading is my jam!
    Class Highlights:

    I believe that student literacy has a huge impact on a young student’s mind.  
    • Builds self-esteem
    • Improves concentration
    • Develops critical and analytical skills
    • Builds a strong memory
    • Expands vocabulary
    Because of this, reading is a big part of our class.  Not only do I read aloud from a chapter book every day, but as a class, we read several books throughout the year and do fun projects to go along with them.

    Interesting Projects:
    • One of the projects we do in class is a Cereal Box Book Report. This is an awesome way to make traditional book reports fun and creative. The students are able to implement writing skills that they have learned in class, as well as, have some fun with illustrations too! This project is a big hit!

  • A note from Miss Haynes...

    A Little About Me:

    • Deeply loved by the healer of my soul, Jesus, and a firm believer that He can transform us from the inside out
    • Lover of the ocean, outdoors, adventures, my family, friends, and my fur baby, Turner
    • Graduate of CSUDH in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Human Development
    About Our Class:
    • An element of our 5th & 6th Grade class is the incorporation of Project Based Learning. Students are engaged in hands-on activities, simultaneously working towards a targeted goal. Project Based Learning facilitates collaboration and one-on-one learning. Students develop time management skills as they complete daily activities towards their final project. Students may express themselves creatively in all core subjects in alignment with the California VAPA Standards. Our class was born to create as our Creator! 

  • A note from Miss McCray...

    What should you expect in my classes?

    • I enjoy creativity! My teaching style is an extension of my love for self-expression! 
    • Students are encouraged to share and express their interests
    • Project-Based Learning
    • Music and flexible seating options
    • Class discussions
    • Real-life examples and scenarios to help students relate to subject matter

    Classroom Highlights and Projects

    • Students engage in hands-on activities
    • Creative assignments to provide alternative methods of assessment
    • Collaborative projects to nurture and cultivate gifts and talents of all students
  • A note from Mrs. Mura...

    A Little About Me:

    • I've been teaching for over 20 years
    • Graduate of University of Phoenix
    • I enjoy working with students who learn differently
    • I love creating new ways to help students acquire new information and apply to the world around them
    Classroom Highlights:
    • Science Classes involve hands-on experimentation with project-based learning
    • My Classes help students to prepare for high school mathematics and beyond

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